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February 2020
Ski tournament 2020
Annual ski tournament with more than 230 people. Sun, snow, friends, smiles and laughs! This is the atmosphere of the XIX° [...]
February 2020
LOVATO Electric meets ZEISS
The video of the extraordinary collaboration with ZEISS Industrial Metrology. Highest quality thanks to the smallest details [...]
January 2020
Training courses calendar
The new training courses calendar for 2020 is online. Don't miss the new appointments, visit academy.lovatoelectric.com
December 2019
New industrialization building
A new important goal has been achieved, new industrialization building. Enjoy the video!
November 2019
Your questions will now find the proper answers in the new section dedicated to FAQ. Visit it at this link [...]
September 2019
LOVATO Bike 2019
18th edition of LOVATO Electric bike, a bike ride dedicated to friends and employees of the Company. A great day of genuine [...]
September 2019
LOVATO Electric to Curò refuge with Simone Moro
LOVATO Electric was the protagonist of a particularly engaging and interesting event during the weekend of 5-6 October. A [...]
July 2019
LOVATO LAB inauguration
An ambitious project, an important step started many years ago, an excellence made in Bergamo, a significant investment, a jump [...]
June 2019
LOVATO Academy new website
The new LOVATO Electric website academy.lovatoelectric.com is now online and it is fully dedicated to the professional training [...]
June 2019
LOVATOLAB construction timelapse
Watch how a LOVATO Electric project grows up! Enjoy the video!
April 2019
Acquisition in Croatia
Through the acquisition of the Koncar NSP business unit dedicated to the design and production of rotary cam switches and switch [...]
February 2019
Ski tournament 2019
Annual ski tournament with 220 people. Great day of sport and fun all together under @LOVATOElecSpa sign!!! Thanks everybody! [...]
January 2019
New scenarios for HMI LRH series
3 new scenarios for HMI LRH series are now available. These scenarios are examples to help users to get familiar with [...]
November 2018
New energy meters DME series video
In a global scenario in which energy must be monitored and managed efficiently, LOVATO Electric presents its updated series of [...]
November 2018
New building
A new and important project started on October, 15th. LOVATO Electric extends its borders creating a new building with a covered [...]
September 2018
TMM1NFC multifunction time relay with NFC technology tutorial videos
TMM1NFC is the new LOVATO Electric time relay with NFC technology. It's multifunction, multiscale, multivoltage with 1 [...]
April 2018
English catalogue 2018-19
The 2018-19 edition of the general catalogue in English is now available in hard copy and is also downloadable from our [...]
December 2017
New GA.. series switch disconnectors video
A new video entirely conceived in 3D to illustrate in a simple and effective way the main features of GA series [...]
November 2017
DME series energy meters tutorial videos
5 new tutorial videos about essential and useful features of the DME series energy meters are now online. 1. Configuration and [...]
September 2017
VLB3 series variable speed drives tutorial videos
VLB3 series variable speed drives enable complex automation operations in an unexpectedly simple way. Here are 4 tutorials to [...]
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