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LOVATO Electric to Curò refuge with Simone Moro

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LOVATO Electric to Curò refuge with Simone Moro

LOVATO Electric was the protagonist of a particularly engaging and interesting event during the weekend of 5-6 October. A two-day outing to the A. Curò refuge with the company's collaborators and a special surprise.

The company from Bergamo has once again stood out for its care and interest in its employees, its Bergamo territory and sport.
The invitation to the weekend outing organized by the Company was well received by everyone, from every department and level. The program? Rich and engaging.

Sport is promoted and very widespread in LOVATO Electric, but the climb to the refuge was not easy for everyone: a stroll for the most trained, a great effort for many. 115 gathered at the refuge in the evening.
Moments of conviviality, meeting, acquaintance among colleagues and, after dinner, a great surprise for everyone: the famous mountaineer Simone Moro spoke about his exploits and experiences and involved all listeners.

Massimiliano Cacciavillani, CEO of the company, believes very much in the message of the mountaineer and says “we are quite a special company and we seek ideas to be happier and work better in a group through the stories of a special person”.

Two hours of careful listening by everyone and a single message: today it is possible to win.

Simone Moro spoke of his expeditions, of the loss of his companions, of the difficulty in making important decisions in critical moments, “when you have to face a problem, you have to be rational”.
He spoke of fear, indispensable to grow and to stop within certain limits, of tenacity and perseverance, spurring everyone to devote themselves with passion to work and private life.
Find the energies you don't know you have and stop being the ones to set limits, the impossible doesn't exist”.
The strength, firmness and dedication of the mountaineer fascinated and inspired everyone, inducing all listeners to reflect on this. He concluded his story by saying:“to go high you need to have a solid foundation and to be great you need to think big”. The satisfied public closed with questions and photos together with the mountaineer.

The next day, after breakfast, Simone Moro and his adventurous companion Tamara Lunger accompanied LOVATO Electric collaborators on an excursion to Lake Berbellino to discover the beauty of the Orobic territory.

"This weekend has brought together people who work with seriousness and passion for the Company; it is thanks to them that LOVATO Electric is a Company that has excellent results and great prospects for growth. Spending time together has given us the opportunity to get to know each other better and have fun" and continues "the Company is growing, but above all the people who make up our team at all levels are growing, as well their skills and their ability in teamwork. It was a real pleasure to see all employees relate and communicate regardless of their hierarchical levels and role".

Watch the event video.

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