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Automatic transfer switch controller ATL 500

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Automatic transfer switch controller ATL 500

The ATL 500 is a basic and ready to use automatic transfer switch controller for the automatic or manual switching of the load from a MAIN LINE to a stand-by or emergency SECONDARY LINE and vice versa.

ATL 500 integrates two three-phase voltage monitoring inputs for the complete control of the status of the two power sources. It can be installed in three-phase with neutral, two-phase or single-phase systems.

The three built-in digital outputs can be used for the control of contactors or motorized changeover switches to perform the transfer between the lines.
On the front face the synoptic with LEDs provides a simple and clear visualization of the status of the ATS system.
In addition the built-in NFC connectivity allows the programming of the parameters (rated system parameters, protection thresholds, changeover settings, I/O functions, etc.) via Android smart devices with the LOVATO NFC App.
Programming becomes simple, fast and intuitive without need of a connection cable and even with the controller powered off.
On the back of the ATL 500 two potentiometers allow the manual setting of line presence delays or  tripping delays for the protection thresholds.
The self-seeking power supply allows the automatic selection of the best available line for the internal supply, taken directly from the two measuring inputs (rated voltage 110...240VAC L-N), without need of an external circuit or dual power supply module for the selection of the power for the auxiliary supply.

For each line the ATL 500 monitors the status of the voltage and the frequency to detect if the line is available and all the parameters are within the correct limits.
The following controls are performed: phase sequence and phase loss, minimum and maximum voltage, voltage asymmetry, minimum and maximum frequency.

Thanks to the ATL 500 LOVATO Electric completes its range of automatic transfer switch controllers with a basic solution, for customers who need a simple and easy to use device.


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